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Loyalty Points/Stamps

Customers accumulate points to redeem rewards as they spend.

Automated SMS Reminder

SMS blasting can be done within the platform at cost price for marketing purposes and reminders.

Digital Marketing

Analyse your digital marketing data with valuable insights such as conversion rates, best performing social media platform, and identify the best time to post with the highest returns.

SMS Marketing &

Unlike other SaaS where you have to pay a premium to use the SMS blast feature, Conso does not charge a premium so you only pay cost price for the messages you send.

Membership Program

A membership program enables businesses to establish meaningful relationships with their customers, build brand loyalty, and drive sustainable growth with long term sales.
Sell evouchers
& Bundle Sales
Drive revenue, increase customer engagement, improve marketing strategies, and offer various operational advantages.
Birthday Rewards
Foster loyalty, emotional connections, and positive brand perception among customers to create lasting relationships
and drive ongoing engagement.
Prepaid Credit
Adding a credit top-up system to a loyalty program creates a flexible rewards structure that suits varied customer preferences, fostering ongoing engagement and spending.

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