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Are you looking to retain your existing customers and attract new ones? Look no further! 

Conso is the fully customizable loyalty marketing solution designed to help businesses like yours succeed. With Conso, you can effortlessly manage your loyalty programs, increase customer engagement, and drive sales.

Benefits Of Conso?

Loyalty Registration
Easily onboard customers into your loyalty program and create a sense of exclusivity.
Track and Analyze
Track conversion rates from your digital marketing campaigns, that cannot be done with Google analytics.
Promote "Buy 1 Free 1" Campaigns
Capture attention and drive immediate purchases with irresistible promotions.
Sell Bundle Deals
Conso allows you to sell bundle deals on the platform to help boost sales during slow seasons.
Low Effort and Barrier
of Entry
Conso ensures a seamless onboarding experience for your customers, making it effortless for them to join and engage with your loyalty program.
A Fully Customised
Solution for Your Business
Why settle for conforming your business to third-party software when you can confidently build a custom solution that perfectly complements your unique business needs and processes?

Easy to manage your data

Built with security in mind

Be in full control

Real time analysis

Partner with more than 100+ big companies

Case Study (Sakae Group)

Our clients shared their love for Conso

Our customers’ satisfaction keeps us going!

Conso allows us to track our campaigns beyond the google analytics level. Now we can truly see which promotion works


Marketing Manager

Our base of new customers grew by 30,000 in 6 months, and 35% in redemptions. We are able to identify the campaigns that worked and don’t work.

Johnny Ho
Johnny Ho

Marketing Director, Sakae Group

Conso's UI is intuitive and easy to navigate. It helped my staff to operate our loyalty program in less than 2 hours.

Sarah Tsui
Sarah Tsui

Cafe Owner

Investing on my business with Conso was probably one of the best decisions I've made for my business. It helped me with customer retention and identify which promotion campaign resonated with my customers.

Terrence Tan
Terrence Tan

Restaurant Owner

I can launch so many different types of promotions and packages within Conso and going digital increased our customer based while cutting cost from printing loyalty cards.

Xiao Yu
Xiao Yu

Marketing Manager

Plans that are crafted for your success in mind

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